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Looking for MORE

Growth + Income + Impact

You don’t want more wasted hours building your business with slow results.

What you NEED and WANT is a simple way to build profitable connections and grow your business without spending more time or getting stuck in failed trial and error experiments.

Professional Women Biz Bestie HQ

Your ultimate goal is to build a successful online business but you’re feeling frustrated because…

…Even though you’ve tried ALL the things, you’re struggling to get the visibility and exposure you need to reach more people and make more sales.

…You’re stuck and you’re tired of figuring everything out yourself. You’d like a fairy godmother, but know that what you really need is support, resources and tools to help grow your business.

You aren’t sure how to make the right connections and build partnerships but you know that’s going to be the key to your success.

Let me guess…

You’ve tried collaboration and networking but…

  • It felt like you did all the work while your partner reaped all the rewards.

  • It was a one-time gig and then you were ghosted.

  • You couldn’t find the right people to collaborate with so you spent waaaay too much time searching.

  • Everyone required a big email list so you were left wondering how in the heck you were ever going to break into the circle.

Or maybe, the idea of collaboration is new to you and you’ve been…

  • Slowly growing your list one referral or connection at a time

  • Spending hundreds or thousands on ads but your list is still small

  • Cold emailing or DMing strangers trying to convince them to join you

  • Posting and going live for hours on social media but it’s taking too much time, is too much work, and doesn’t lead to sales

The bottom-line is you feel like you’ve been on the slow growth track to nowhere.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way

What if you could...

  • Create lucrative collaborations with other women entrepreneurs who are as invested in a reciprocal partnership as you are so it becomes a win-win result for everyone!

  • Make true connections and foster long-lasting meaningful relationships so you can forge powerful partnerships and referrals that will help you grow your business.

  • Stop reaching out to strangers and instead collaborate with experts who cater to your niche and audience so you can build a list of high quality leads that quickly turn into clients and customers!

  • Increase your visibility and authority so you’re booked months in advance and grow your list without wasting hours on activities that don’t give you a return on your investment!

  • Get the tools, guidance, and support to learn the ropes with simplicity and ease, overcome challenges and have biz besties to help you achieve your goals.



Would this be the year you FINALLY hit your business growth goals, build your list with the right-fit audience, and make the impact and income you desire?

Lynn Neville

Hey! I’m Lynn, your new Biz Bestie!

I started my business and email list in the EXACT same place you and everyone else did– at ZERO!

But in 2019, I discovered an app that allowed me to connect with other entrepreneurs, even when everything else was shut down. It was a game-changer because I was able to build connections with people from all over the world without leaving my house.

People loved it, and so did I!

Since 2019, I’ve used that same concept to collaborate and partner with hundreds of like-minded women and I’ve doubled my list 3 times over with a steady stream of new subscribers on the daily.

Collaboration has been the answer to my growth and business success. (My last event netted $15K and lots of connections and partnerships.) Now people ask me to be a part of their events, and I want the same results for you.

That’s why I’ve used my extensive expertise in lead generation and online events to create an impactful, business growing solution for you that’s grounded in collaboration and REAL relationships!


Biz Bestie HQ

The Biz Bestie HQ membership is a supportive, virtual community for motivated and inspiring women entrepreneurs who want to forge profitable collaborations, develop rewarding friendships, and create new opportunities for growth, income, and impact.

Biz Bestie HQ Mockup

Inside the Biz Bestie HQ community you will:

  • Increase your visibility and grow your audience FAST through networking and collaboration opportunities {even if you’ve been stuck in slow organic growth}

  • Make more sales and grow your revenue through the connections and partnerships you build in the community {without working more hours}

  • Get expert resources, training and tools to help you grow your business {consider it your business growth short-cut!}

  • Gain support, encouragement, and inspiration from a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who are invested in your success {no more slogging through your business alone!}

  • Develop a sense of belonging and connection with other women who understand the unique challenges of being a woman entrepreneur {and gain renewed confidence in your ability to grow your business}
Danielle Levy

One of the Best Investments

“Joining the BBHQ has been one of the best investments that I have made. Lynn is a visionary, a cheerleader, a connector, and is so savvy in the ways of all things marketing and the entrepreneur's experience. I would highly recommend this group to anyone looking to expand their network or gain additional perspective and support in the online space.” 

Danielle Levy

Business Growth Strategist

We’re a little bit different– and we like it that way!

The #1 thing that sets BBHQ apart from every other membership and group out there is that we truly believe in building relationships!

We know the life of women entrepreneurs can be a lonely road and that’s why our emphasis is on collaboration. This community places a strong emphasis on building lasting relationships and potential partnerships, rather than focusing on short-term networking opportunities.

By developing relationships, you’ll build a strong foundation for LONG-TERM GROWTH and SUCCESS!

Here’s What You Can Expect Inside Biz Bestie HQ:

Events &


Networking, collaborations, affiliate, co-working, brainstorming and Q&A opportunities to connect and grow

($2,650+ Value)

Supportive Community

No matter your personality type or where you’re coming from, inside our private community you’ll be seen and heard


Specialized Directories

Use our member, affiliate, podcast  and event directories so you  can easily find the perfect collaborators for you

($250 Value)

The Savvy Collaborator Journey

A step-by-step system to maximize your collaboration efforts so people say YES! to partnering with you

($900 Value)

Expert Training

Benefit from monthly classes with successful entrepreneurs on topics like summits, bundles, collaborations, legalities and more

($1,200+ Value)

Build Authority

Be seen as a thought leader and expert by hosting your own networking, co-working, brainstorming and Q&A sessions


Resource Library

Check out The Vault for templates, checklists, examples, recorded trainings, and courses that will make collaborations easy

($400+ Value)

Shared Calendar

Share your events and offers to others and recruit experts to share and participate in your collaborations with our shared calendar

($300 Value)

There's more!

All BBHQ Members Also Get These Bonuses:

Bonus 1:


Get discounts and featured placements to events hosted by Lynn and her product suite, PLUS early access and discounts on our favorite products to grow and scale your business

($500 Value)

Bonus 2:

Featured Spots

Get featured on our website, social media, and hosted events to grow your authority and build your reputation as an expert

($250 Value)

Bonus 3:


We’ll provide referrals to experts who can help you with your business needs such as implementing technology

($150 Value)

Total Value of BBHQ is $6,600

Price = $1,297

Your Investment today is ONLY $450!

Pay in Full
(billed annually)

$450 ($114 savings)

Monthly Payment
(billed monthly)


Pay In Full Bonus: Get one custom match through our Concierge Service. We research, match and introduce you to one potential collaborator! ($150 Value)

Layne Lyons, JD

Best Decision I’ve Made for My Business

"Lynn has made it so easy to network and collaborate and share the joy of working together.  Biz Bestie HQ is the best place to learn about collaborating and start collaborating for your business.

Layne Lyons, JD

Business and trademark lawyer for women and the creator of The Legal Umbrella®

Here’s How To Tell If The BBHQ Membership Community Is Right For You…

BBHQ is perfect for women entrepreneurs who are:

  • Willing to collaborate with motivated, ambitious women to achieve more success

  • Ready to connect and build genuine relationships in a supportive network of like-minded women

  • Looking for training and development opportunities to help grow their business

  • Eager to increase their exposure, reach a wider audience and be seen as experts

  • Media or event hosts who want to find new and interesting guests, experts, and contributors

  • From diverse industries and backgrounds, spread across the globe

BBHQ is not for you if you:

  • Are more interested in having a hobby than committed to growing your business

  • Aren't interested in forming meaningful connections and building relationships with other women entrepreneurs

  • Want to receive more from others than you are willing to contribute

  • Don’t operate with integrity, follow through with commitments, and don’t believe partnerships are built on reciprocity

  • Prefer to be a lone wolf and don’t see the value of having Biz Besties

The BBHQ No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

If you actively participate in BBHQ, I’m confident that you will reap the benefits that building relationships and collaborating with other entrepreneurs can bring to your business. It’s worked for me and many others inside my membership, so I believe it can work for you, too.

I also realize that life sometimes changes our plans. With that in mind, I’d never want you to feel stuck in a situation that’s not right for you.

That’s why I have the BBHQ No-Questions-Asked Policy. You’re under no obligation. You may cancel your membership at any time. All you need to do is connect with me at

True story: my business grew when everything else was shutting down, and since then, I’ve made it my mission to help other online entrepreneurs grow their business in much the same way I did– through connections and relationships!

I’m Lynn, your BBHQ Membership hostess and your new Biz BFF!

I’m a business strategist who loves all things lead generation, networking and online events.

My philosophy is that it’s possible to grow a business with simple tools and strategies that get results without the overwhelm. I know it can be done because I’ve done it myself.

I can’t wait to help you do that inside my Biz Bestie HQ community. It's packed with smart, ambitious women working alongside one another to create dreamy businesses we love.

When I’m not hanging with my BBHQ besties, running events, and teaching everything audience and sales growth, you can bet I’m breaking a sweat with my gym buddies or relaxing with my fam and our Cavalier King Charles, Kovu, most likely binge watching another episode of Food Network’s Chopped.



Are you ready for real connections, collaborations, and new found Biz BFFs?YASSS!

Stacy Covitz

I Was Blown Away!

"Honestly, I didn't even think twice before joining Biz Bestie HQ. Lynn always delivers top-notch programs, so I knew this one was going to be amazing. And, it did not disappoint! The group is so well-organized and every little detail is taken care of. When I started exploring all the content, resources and opportunities available, I was blown away.”

Stacy Covitz

Social Media Strategist

Why do collaborations work better than traditional ways of building an online business?

And Other Great Questions You May Have…

Let’s Compare BBHQ Against Doing It On Your Own…

The DIY Options You’ve Probably Tried…

  • Cold-calling, DMing, or emailing potential collaborators but you’re not getting responses (or they’ve led to one-sided or unproductive partnerships)

  • Posting on social media but not getting much engagement or new followers (you feel like you’re talking to yourself and the algorithm isn’t your friend)

  • Joining random communities or groups but there’s little connection (you don’t feel supported, engaged, or heard)

  • Running ads or marketing campaigns, but you’re not getting the ROI you expected (your list growth is as empty as your wallet)

  • Relying solely on referrals or word-of-mouth but you’re not seeing consistent growth or new business (you know your business can’t survive this no-growth model)

When you Join BBHQ…

  • You’ll discover how true collaboration works when both parties share similar goals to grow their businesses and make an impact in the world.

  • You’ll have a built-in community of like-minded women entrepreneurs who also want to build successful collaborations that lead to a return on investment.

  • You’ll build lasting relationships through a community of support, guidance, and partnership where you’ll be empowered to reach your goals.

  • The partnerships you create will allow you to grow exponentially without the added cost of advertising that slows rather than grows your income.

  • You’ll increase your visibility, gain recognition for your work and become a sought-after expert and thought leader in your field.

Of course you can continue to DIY your collaborations– just realize that’s a slow game with slow growth.

I created BBHQ because I know that it doesn’t have to be like that and with the community of BBHQ behind you, it won’t be!

Starlight Mundy

An Investment to Grow My Business

"It's also an investment in my business that continues to help it grow. I've got opportunities to collaborate, proven connections WORTHY of collaboration, and insights to help push my organic marketing & visibility efforts forward that I have struggled to find on my own previously.”

Starlight Mundy

Business Growth Strategist & Community Specialist, Bottled Lightning

Enrollment For BBHQ Ends on April 21, 2023

11:59 pm EST

Biz Bestie HQ Mockup

Here’s a reminder of what’s inside…

  • Events including networking, collaborations, affiliate, co-working, and more

  • Private, supportive community of like-minded women entrepreneurs

  • Member, affiliate, podcast and event directories

  • Event calendar for collaboration opportunities

  • Opportunity to host networking, co-working, brainstorming and Q&A sessions

  • The “Savvy Collaborator Journey” system

  • Monthly expert classes and trainings

  • Resource library

Plus these bonuses:

  • Discounts, early access, and featured placements on Lynn’s events, products, and product suite

  • Featured on our website, social media, and hosted events

  • Referrals to experts who can help with business needs

Total Value of BBHQ is $6,600

Price = $1,297

Your Investment today is ONLY $450!

Pay in Full
(billed annually)

$450 ($114 savings)

Monthly Payment
(billed monthly)


Pay In Full Bonus: Get one custom match through our Concierge Service. We research, match and introduce you to one potential collaborator! ($150 Value)

This is where I’m going to get real with you…




Being a woman entrepreneur can be a lonely struggle of ups and downs. You have good days when you’re on top of the world and other days when you wonder if it’s worth all the effort, right?

I get it because I’m a self-starter entrepreneur who’s built several businesses from the ground up.

I’ve been there, juggling a never-ending To Do list, trying various ways to grow my business, and riding the income roller coaster.

When I started making real connections, forming true relationships and collaborating with the right people, all of that changed.

So here’s my question: If you’re on the entrepreneur struggle bus, trying to get more leads and grow your network so you can make more money without the feast and famine cycle, can you wait any longer?

Can you continue trading time and money for slow growth or no growth?

Or is now going to be the time you stop the lonely entrepreneur road and join a supportive group of women inside of BBHQ who are waiting to collaborate, partner, and grow with you?

Are you ready to:

  • Build collaborations based on reciprocity that will grow your business without blowing your budget?

  • Enjoy on-going support from other entrepreneurs who actually understand the journey you’re on and want to see you succeed

  • Develop long-term relationships that will foster long-lasting growth and visibility for your business?

  • Learn a structured, step-by-step system for successful collaboration that will simplify the process? (This is especially valuable for those new to collaborations or who may be struggling to make partnerships work.)

I’m waiting for you inside of BBHQ…

Regardless of what you decide, I want you to know I’ll still cheer you on, and I care about your success.

Because there can never be too many successful women entrepreneurs in this world!

Lynn Neville

The choice is yours.